In the modern era of communication, SMS (Short Message Service) has become an effective medium of communication to disseminate information to the target clients and stakeholders. It is a useful medium through which the clients can be reached in the shortest possible time and in the most direct channel possible. SSL's Business SMS our based on huge number of segmented customer database can be the most effective tool for opt in communication for your Marketing Communication or Product Promotion.
Why do you need to use Business SMS?
The following purposes can be effectively served by our offered Business SMS solution:

Why should you choose SSL?
SSL offers below unique features to ensure maximum reach and effective communication with your target segment:

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SSL Wireless facilitates marketing and sales force automation with the aid of an award winning software named FieldEZ. It is an On-Demand mobile based solution that makes managing field sales or service teams very efficient and easy. With features such as service call management & scheduling, lead management, time & location reporting, Travel & Expense capture, FieldEZ provides valuable field insights to management, ensures effective deployment of field personnel and empowers them to complete their activities and reporting through their mobiles.

The use of FieldEZ brings a number of benefits to the business organizations, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Increase Competitiveness
  • Better Resource Management
  • Better Visibility
  • Cost Reduction
  • Faster Response
  • Customer Satisfaction

SSL is currently providing SMS based Sales Tracking services to many Mobile Handsets, Automobiles and FMCG Companies. The whole process starts by sending an automated/pre-defined manual SMS to the companies' sales tracking software and the record is incorporated in their central database in specific format. The SMS gives the company an accurate data about the total quantity of products sold in a specific duration. The following benefits are offered by this solution for the
SSL is currently providing SMS based Sales Tracking services to many Mobile Handsets, Automobiles and FMCG Companies. The whole process starts by sending an automated/pre-defined manual SMS to the companies' sales tracking software and the record is incorporated in their central database in specific format. The SMS gives the company an accurate data about the total quantity of products sold in a specific duration. The following benefits are offered by this solution for the

Benefits for Manufacture/SME:

  • Product category-wise real-time sales report in an Area
  • Location wise distributors' stock monitoring
  • Tracking of the warranty period according to the activation date
  • Creation of authentic customer database
  • Basis for future business plan and strategy based on present sales data
  • Easy way to communicate with existing customer
  • Prevent fake product sale in the market
  • Cost minimization
  • Easy to manage

This service is designed for supply chain oriented businesses where the retailers could send message for stock request and the principal/central office can also send information about new products and inquire stock reports. This can be used as a two way communication between manufacturers and retailers.

Main Features:

  • Order Booking based on SMS by Sales Person
  • Automatic authentication of the sales persons' identity
  • Multiple times order booking, cancellation, or change facility.
  • Order by item codes-or name with quantity and delivery date & time.
  • Enquiry facility for Sales persons to know Items' Rates, Stock availability or earliest delivery schedule by simple SMS query
  • Order confirmation to the Sales Persons to drive customer acquisition
  • Report generation on daily, monthly & yearly basic
  • Online based reporting system accessible anytime from anywhere


  • Increases speed of order processing
  • Reduce paperwork and improves efficiency
  • Reduce data errors while taking orders over phone
  • Close to real-time information to get perfect inventory status
  • Provides scheme wise utilization of stock information to management
  • Helps in easily detecting Low or Zero stock position
  • Can track individual nationwide agents performance on a daily basic
  • Very easy and economical way of data collection
  • Increases customer satisfaction, reduces delays and ensures operational efficiency

Suitable For

    • FMCG
    • Pharmaceutical

SSL wireless provides 24/7 multi-lingual contact center based SSL premises that provides call center service solutions. SSL wireless Call Center utilizes the most advanced technology to provide easy client reporting as well as convenient access to accounts. Our staff is highly trained, some with over 20 years of experience. We deliver exceptional quality of service in every call we take. The services we provide from call center are:

  • Inbound call center for our services.
  • Inbound call center solution for any company.
  • Out call center solution for any third party organization.
  • Outbound call promotion.

SSL is currently providing Talktime/Airtime and Internet Balance Recharge Service to various banks and corporate houses. The payments for this service are received on a pre-paid basis and once we receive payment then the balance assignment is performed at our office through a web panel specially designed for this purpose. Recharge request for all the major telecom operators can be processes by us.

VeriSign is the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world. The ability to know and trust the parties with which you do business and communicate has become critical in the networked world.
VeriSign Technical Review (in nutshell):
VeriSign facilitates as many as 50 billion authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) queries a day, and has been providing this service since 1998 with 100% availability.
VeriSign plans to increase capacity of the .com and .net DNS by 10 times by 2010 to provide the security and stability required for global Internet-based transactions.
VeriSign is the SSL Certificate provider of choice for over 95% of the Fortune 500 and 96 of the world's 100 largest banks.
The VeriSign Secured Seal, the most recognized symbol of trust on the Internet (Synovate/GMI Research, September 2008), is served over 150 million times a day.
VeriSign has issued over 2 million VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) credentials to consumers for strong authentication on a network of leading Web sites.
Benefits of Posting the VeriSign Secured Seal

  • More recognized than any other trust mark, 91% of U.S. online shoppers are familiar with the VeriSign Secured Seal (Synovate/GMI 2008, VeriSign Secured Seal Research Review.)
  • Show visitors that the site is secured using industry leading SSL technology.
  • Lower shopping cart and other transaction abandonment.
  • Associate your brand with the trusted VeriSign brand.
  • Increase visitor-to-sales conversions.
  • Features of the Secured Seal

The design of the VeriSign Secured Seal is recognized as an international sign of trust on the Internet. Over 90,000 domains in 145 countries display the VeriSign Secured Seal.
The VeriSign Secured Seal is available in 13 different languages and viewed an average of 150 million times each day.
A pop-up window displays full business authentication information when clicked by a visitor.
EV Upgrader, built into the VeriSign Secured Seal, enables all Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP operating systems to see the visual cues associated with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate.



The Thawte brand is characterized by some distinctive features and is a popular SSL brand. For over 10 years, many customers have been very dedicated to Thawte as their SSL provider.

Thawte provides the most expansive browser support in the industry bar none and historically was the first brand to support Apache servers. This brand also caters specifically to a multi-lingual customer base. The Thawte seal comes in 18 different languages. Document translation into English is not required; resellers and customers are welcome to submit documents and communications in Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish, and Swedish.

In addition to a broad range of standard SSL, Thawte also offers certificates with the advanced encryption technology of SGC and certificates with the new Extended Validation standard for high level authentication and identification.


The GeoTrust brand, with over 100,000 customers in 150 countries, has the second largest user base in the internet security industry after VeriSign. This brand has been characterized as a source for convenience, fast certificate issuance and very competitive prices. They offer an automated authentication process which, depending on the type of certificate requested, may achieve certificate delivery within minutes of receiving an order.
GeoTrust offers certificates from the most basic SSL authentication up to the most advanced authentication provided by the Extended Validation SSL standard.

SSL empowers its customers to communicate between varied IT backend systems and mobile phones using SMS Services. We provide a unique, end-to-end, global carrier-grade mobile data service. Its mobile data service offering includes "plug and play" application licensing and hosting. Employing a partnership with Mobile operators, worldwide recognized content providers and Mobile Handset producer, with a clear focus on SMS and mobile based data communication.
SSL's Short codes service allows enterprises to create a unique mobile identity and managed SMS based campaigns and initiatives through a web based interface. SSL's provides web based tools that allow:

  • Short code management
  • Keyword management
  • Campaign management
  • Single window interface
  • Real time data analysis
Key features
  • Creation and management of customer interactions like surveys, quick polls, votes and competitions without dependency on a third party
  • Create, schedule and launch campaigns through an intuitive web interface
  • Real-time tracking, reporting and analytics
  • Ability to measure your marketing efforts and allow access to prospective clients and qualified leads, instantly
  • 24/7 maintenance support
Keyword management

We create new keywords for usage as well as its sub keywords for parameter based responses. This feature also enables users to set time based responses against keywords. One can set different responses at different time intervals against a keyword.

Campaign Management

We design and manage PUSH-PULL SMS based campaigns as per the modality specific to the product and marketing goals of any organization. This module enables enterprises to run contests, conduct polls, Receive feedback, and Create surveys to understand the market pulse. Thus enterprises can promote their business by reaching large number of customers in interactive ways.

SSL Wireless is well experienced in designing and developing static and dynamic websites, including e-commerce sites, for businesses of all sizes. We are also capable to develop WAP enabled sites specially suited for the use by mobile phones. Our concept is simple: we create the absolute best place on the web for your company. Before anything else we do, we learn who you are and how you do it. Our amazing custom design team goes to work sun up or sun down to bring that same allure, personality and success to your online home. We can work on PHP, Java, .NET, Cold Fusion to meet the complex requirements and high expectations of our valued clients.