1. What is SSLCOMMERZ?

SSLCOMMERZ is the first payment gateway in Bangladesh opening doors for merchants to receive payments on the internet via their online stores. Their customers will be able to buy products online using their credit cards as well as bank accounts.
Merchant can enhance their business by integrating SSLCOMMERZ to their online store and facilitating online payment in Bangladeshi Taka. Customers will be able to pay for your products using local credit/debit cards like VISA, MasterCard, DBBL Nexus Card and BRAC Bank credit card or bank accounts right from their online store.
If a Merchant does not have an online store, can develop an online store for Merchants with dynamic features and secure payment options with our payment gateway.
SSLCOMMERZ uses industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology which is used worldwide for securing data encryption.

SSLCOMMERZ is responsible for operating, servicing and maintaining your payment solution, enabling you to concentrate on running your business.

  • SSLCOMMERZ gives Real Time support to merchants for account set-up.
  • Real time accounts and modeling reports for merchants.
  • Economical Pricing for merchants based on budget and volumes of merchants.
  • Fraud detection and risk mitigation.

Integration from an online store with SSLCOMMERZ can be carried out quickly. Merchant will be provided a detailed technical guide, and Merchants are more than welcome to FAQ for any questions they may have.
Our Services include:

    • Complete integration of SSLCOMMERZ gateway to enable online payments with local credit/debit card payments.
    • Online store development with SSLCOMMERZ integration.
    • Credit card processing for VISA and MasterCard
    • Debit card processing for DBBL Nexus card, Brac Bank debit card
    • Bank Account processing for Dutch Bangla Bank, Brac Bank
    • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support and installation for online store security

There is integration between Merchant's online store and SSLCOMMERZ gateway for accepting certain parameters which need to be exchanged between the store and SSLCOMMERZ when an e-commerce transaction takes place. Each transaction is linked to a unique order number for a product or service sold by the merchant store.
This means that merchant maintains the order related details as to what are the ordered items, their quantities, shipping details, etc. SSLCOMMERZ Gateway is concerned with the end order number generated and amount to be transferred.
As we need to test the functionality on a merchant's website we would be first integrating the merchant on our testing environment.
The following is an overview of how it will work after integration completes.

  • Customers can select an item category and browse the available models of an item. If a Customer wants to buy a product, he/she will click the "Add to Cart" button after logging in his/her account details. If he/she wants to have the detail information about the product, he/she will click the "Details" or "Description" button.
  • After clicking "Add to Cart" button, the product will be taken to his/her virtual shopping cart and from there he/she can order the product by clicking the "Checkout" button.
  • After he/she clicks the "Checkout" button, he/she will be taken to a page asking for the delivery address of the product. A Customer can edit or change his/her address if he/she desires. After confirming the delivery address by pressing the "Continue" button the Customer will be taken to a confirmation page where he/she can review the item.
  • After confirming the Order, they select & click on SSLCOMMERZ as their payment gateway in the online store & enter their payment information to make an online payment.
  • When customers are ready to pay, the Customer will be taken to the Payment Gateway page i.e. SSLCOMMERZ where the Customer will have to choose by which method he/she will pay. The Customer can choose various Credit Card systems or the Bank that he/she has an account with and available in the gateway.
  • SSLCOMMERZ encrypts data and securely sends it through the payment processing network.
  • The transaction is validated for authorization or rejection, and the results are sent back through the SSLCOMMERZ payment gateway to the store.
  • After entering the Card or bank details, the Payment Gateway will give the Customer a confirmation message stating that the purchase has been successful. He/she will be notified of the successful purchase after he/she clicks the "Payment completed/Go to Store to Complete your shopping". He/she will be taken to the Merchant site confirming about the purchase.

  • What is a Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway is a service that allows merchant to accept secure credit card transactions online. It is a system that accepts, verifies and processes transactions on behalf of the merchant from the customers. There are many forms of instruments which can be accepted through a payment gateway, some of them are-
-- Credit cards
-- Debit cards
-- Internet banking
-- Mobile banking
It essentially connects a merchant website to a transaction processor like bank to take payment from a customer for an order.

  • What does SSLCOMMERZ do?

SSLCOMMERZ provides complete, simple and secure online payment gateway services and e-business solutions to websites, with real time credit card transaction validation. This enables the websites to transact and accept payments online and in real time.

  • Do I as a Merchant need a separate bank account to connect to SSLCOMMERZ?

No. You don't need a separate bank account. Funds will be transferred to your existing bank account which you mention in the application form after settlement.

  • Are there some types of merchants you don't accept?

Yes. Following are few of them
-- Adult Sites, Internet Casinos.
-- Lottery Tickets.
-- Sending of Money/Cash Advances.
-- Alcohol, Firearms & Drugs.
-- Goods/Services prohibited by law or card associations.

  • How should I apply / how can I get an application form?

You can download the application form available on our DOWNLOAD section and send online or by fax or mail.

  • What are the different payment options available with SSLCOMMERZ?

SSLCOMMERZ processes the following payment options
-- Credit Cards - Master Card, Visa.
-- Debit Card - Master Card, Visa.
-- Net Banking Options - Dutch Bangla Bank Nexus.
We are in processes of tie-ups with all banks for Net-banking and would be offering the same to our merchants.

  • Is a merchant restricted to sell only to Bangladesh based consumers?

No. You can sell your products or services globally.

  • Why Should I Choose SSLCOMMERZ? OR What are the advantages of payment gateway to me as a merchant?

SSLCOMMERZ offers multiple payment options on a single platform. It has different options and pricing to suit all business models. Apart from offering e-commerce solutions SSLCOMMERZ provides complete education and guide to a successful e-commerce business. SSLCOMMERZ provides a very comprehensive and user friendly backend for merchants for detailed MIS reports to manage transactions thus managing their e-commerce business smoothly.

  • What is the procedure once I sign up for your services?

Once the application / signup along with the payment is received, our approval team will get back to you with the approval status.

  • How long does the credit card authorization process take?

Whether the transaction is approved or declined it usually takes between 3 and 7 seconds from the time the consumer clicks the 'purchase' button to the time the consumer and the merchant receive authorization.

  • What company name will appear on my customers' billing statement?

Your company's business name would appear after "SSLCOMMERZ" on your customer's billing statement that would add value to your brand & avoid possibilities of chargeback.

  • When is a successful transaction eligible for a payment to my account?

All the transactions processed by Credit Card through SSLCOMMERZ are always presented to the merchant in the "Preauthorisation" mode which means that the merchant is guaranteed that the customer's card is good / credit worthy for the amount of that transaction for the next 7 days. During this period of 7 days the merchant has to perform any one of the following actions.
a) He may decide not to fulfil the order and mark it as cancelled.
b) After arriving at a consensus with the buyer decide to ship part of the ordered goods and claim only an amount equal to the shipped order.
c) Ship all of the ordered goods and claim the entire value of the transaction.
If the merchant is confident of shipping the goods within the time he may go ahead and capture the amount within 7 days (as this is the time the transaction can be authorized or after it stands automatic cancelled) and subsequently ship the goods. If the merchant subsequently fail to do this and wish to refund the amount, the charge of the requisite TDR will have to be borne for the gateway usage.

  • When the amount gets transferred in my account or what is the payment settlement system?

If the transaction is approved by the bank & our Risk team, the amount will be transferred to your account in 48 working hours after deducting the TDR and Tax. (For MasterCard & visa transactions with the bank).
For others T + 3 days settlements i.e. where funds would be transferred after 3 days of capture of transaction. We will deposit the cheque in your bank though courier.

  • How I will know that a transaction has been happened on my website?

As soon as a transaction happens on your website you will receive a notification mail with a link to login in your account to manage the orders and transactions. You are to be given a console where you can manage all your transactions and view reports.

  • How can I check the status of a particular order?

You can login to your admin module for checking the status of your order or transaction. The login details would be given to you as soon as your account is activated.

  • What are the different MIS reports provided in SSLCOMMERZ admin module?

Detailed MIS reports that can be downloaded from the admin module which helps the merchant to manage orders and transactions. Some of them are Reports on Authorized transactions, Pre-authorized transactions, Failed Transactions, Flagged Transactions, Settled transactions.

  • What is a credit card chargeback? What is SSLCOMMERZ's credit card chargeback policy?

A refund that is forced by a credit cardholder's credit card company is known as charge back. This occurs when a cardholder decides to formally dispute a charge on his/her credit card bill, usually because someone else fraudulently used that card number. Charge backs are handled within the standard VISA/MC guidelines. However, we will pay the authorized amount to you once the confirmation is received from your site about the product purchase. In cases, when the cardholder requests for a chargeback to his or her bank, the bank will not return and will direct the customers to you to gain his or her claimed money.

  • What are SSLCOMMERZ's refund and end customer dispute policies?

SSLCOMMERZ maintains a customer-friendly refund policy. This keeps our administrative costs under control in two ways: First, it reduces the amount of time spent researching customer inquiries; and secondly, it reduces the occurrence of charge back disputes. (A charge back dispute is a refund that is forced by the customer's credit card company)


  • Details of support provided?

Support is available through Telephone on our office numbers displayed on site between 10.00 am - 07.00 pm on all working days. You can also mail us at


  • Do we need to have SSL certificate (i.e. HTTPS) on our online store website end?

Yes, you should prefer that you deploy SSL certificate (HTTPS) on your online store website. However, it is entirely your decision to have it at your site or not. Choosing to have it will protect your customers data in exchange and also improve the trustworthiness of your website's identity as a merchant.

SSL Wireless has received recognition certificate for SSLCOMMERZ, the First Online Payment Gateway in Bangladesh under e-business, Commerce & Finance category in the recent National Digital Innovation Award 2011 held in Bangladesh. The Grand Jury has recognized SSLCOMMERZ as the Finalist for the year 2011.