IT Security

We have been working with IT Security products and services for last few years. We are specialized in a wide area of solutions and connected to a good number of OEMs.

Digital Security Certificates

A digital security certificate is a must to carry out your operations in the online world. With an SSL certificate, you can provide secure transmission of data from a customer’s browser to your server.

PCI DSS Consultancy

We ourselves are PCI DSS compliant company and we are actively providing our consultancy services in collaboration with our partner to local banks and FIs.

PA DSS Consultancy

We regularly go through PA DSS compliance for our digital wallet platform to ensure security. We are also capable to assist our clients in obtaining PA DSS compliance from the PCI SSC through our partner.

Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) tools

SIEM tools enable banks and enterprises to monitor threats, generate crucial alerts, and notify of vulnerabilities in the system, network, and applications.

Vulnerability Assessment (VA) & Penetration Testing (PT)

Using Vulnerability Assessment tools or services, you can assess your weaknesses when it comes to the security of your current website, systems, and app. With Penetration Testing, you can further gauge the level of protection you have in your systems from actual hackers.

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