SSL & Digital Certificates

Protect Your website with World Leading SSL & Digital Certificate providers

  • SSL Certificates offer the encryption and value-add features to ensure your website is protected and meets the demands of today’s modern sites, along with cost-effective options for meeting internal server needs. Customers and visitors to your site will know that their browsing session is safe and that payment details and personal information is kept secure and encrypted.

    All SSL Certificates offer session security and encrypt any information submitted through the website, but they differ in terms of how much identity information is included in the certificate and how they display in browsers.

    • Extended Validation (EV) – Include the most company data and have the most stringent vetting requirements. They lend the most credibility to your website by bringing your business’s verified identity front and center – clearly displaying your company’s name in a green address bar.
    • Organization Validated (OV) – Also include business authentication, meaning information about the company is included, but, unlike EV, it is not prominently displayed in the browser.
    • Domain Validated (DV) – The most basic type of SSL; only prove website owner demonstrates administrative control over the domain
    • IntranetSSL – supports internal server names and long validity periods for internal networks (note: only available through Managed PKI platform)

    Secure your multiple top level domains or sub-domains on one certificate.

    • Multi-domain (SAN) – Include up to 100 subdomains, top level domains, or public IP addresses on one certificate (note: type of domain is dependent on assurance level)
    • Wildcard – Secure unlimited subdomains (note: not permitted for EV Certificates)