Promotional Campaign

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An exercise in collaboration

Visa is a global payments technology company facilitating consumers and organizations with the usage of digital currency. And SSLCOMMERZ, a concern of SSL Wireless, is the largest payment gateway in Bangladesh aimed at empowering people with digital payment for online transaction. To help Visa with saving consumers’ card data for ensuring safer, more convenient and efficient future transaction SSLCOMMERZ helped Visa achieve the expected target of saved card data through easy checkout under SAVE&SAVE campaign.

Problem Statement

Technological advancement and innovation do not always ensure safety and trust in service as a little glitch and slight deviation of concentration from the safety thresholds can facilitate security breach. For this reason financial transaction and sharing of personal information makes people skeptical that the integrity might not be maintained online.

As people are really prone to make online transactions in this digital era sometimes it is cumbersome to input card details for each and every transaction. This issue was an impediment for the growth of card usage in online transaction for Visa. Moreover Visa was facing issue in collecting card data from customers as direct survey would have been an unwieldy and less effective way.

What was the Solution

SSLCOMMERZ, PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified and awarded with the PSO (Payment Systems Operator) license from Bangladesh Bank, stepped forward to solve the safety issue related to the online transaction along with the issue of longer online transaction time due to the input requirement of personal information each time a customer attempts to make a transaction online.

How was it Achieved

SSLCOMMERZ executed a campaign named ‘SAVE&SAVE’ where customers would get a certain amount of discount on selected merchant websites if customers save their personal information while making the transaction with Visa card which will enable customers to get the discount and facilitate them with saved Visa card information on the same website in future transactions. SSLCOMMERZ made this possible with a payment route named ‘easy checkout’. This solution made consumers aware that saving a visa card is safe and convenient for repetitive online purchases.


Merchant Site


Easy Checkout


Storing Card Info


Confirm transaction

The Actual Outcome

SAVE&SAVE campaign of SSLCOMMERZ and Visa got tremendous result using the easy checkout solution. From awareness creation through reach to engagement for final result of saving cards SSL Wireless delivered the result Save&Save campaign craved for. Summary of the result:


14K+ Cards Successfully Saved


40M Brand Awareness


13% Increase in Card Transaction


6% Increase in Transaction Volume