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Payment Services

Streamlining Transactions: Cutting-Edge Solutions in Payment Services

Our extensive and nifty spectrum of payment services makes us the most sought-after payment technology provider in Bangladesh.

Easy Checkout

Our PCI-DSS compliant Payment Gateway SSLCOMMERZ has a Card-on-File (CoF) interface which is called ‘Easy Checkout’. It enables end-customers to save their card details so they enjoy a seamless, fast & safe experience every time they transact through our system.

Easy QR

Place ‘Easy QR’ on any web, mobile, or physical platform covenants for fast and seamless payment redirecting the consumer directly to the payment page.

Easy Invoice

The automated invoicing system called ‘Easy Invoice’ facilitates clarity in payment procedures by ensuring end-to-end payment support.

Payment Automation

No more tedious procedures every time you intend to make an online payment; with our wide coverage of technology solutions and payment services, we can address any payment need you have.

Payment Gateway Aggregation Services

SSLCOMMERZ is a secure and authorized online Payment Gateway platform, developed by SSL Wireless, which has enabled the end-customers of online businesses & E-Commerce merchants to perform secured transactions from the customer’s card, mobile wallet or bank account.