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We have been accumulating our knowledge and building new solutions, platforms, and tools since 2008.

Digital Banking Platform

Our platform enables banks to offer its customers access to their bank accounts anytime from any place using their smartphones and make secure cashless transactions (P2P, P2B, P2G, etc.) effortlessly. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Digital Wallet

Our digital wallet platform allows banks and FIs to issue e-money to their customers which are connected to the bank’s core banking and card management systems. Customers can transfer this e-money to others in any network and conduct secure transactions quickly, efficiently, and safely from anywhere, anytime. This platform is PA DSS certified. is one of the most popular and oldest e-commerce portals in Bangladesh providing mobile phone and public utility recharge to thousands of customers, for the past decade.

Employee Buddy

Employee Buddy (E-Buddy), our own developed software can help you automate your office activities including attendance, team location tracking, leave management, meeting, transport, conveyance claims, task management, etc.


i-Receptionist a software we have developed for the automation of reception desks at offices where a kiosk machine can take the visitor information, connect to the office database, check for employees and outsiders, and keep logs.


LOGiTA is a web and mobile app-based Logistics and Courier Management System which offers the varrious courier services in the country to the businesses and to the customer. The system is being used for day to day activities such as booking a courier, tracking delivery, maintain hub details, and maintain company details, process data of companies, etc

Loyalty Management

Loyalty management platforms can be used by small, medium, or large enterprises to keep track of loyal customers, offer them reward points and increase the stickiness of customers.


An agent banking solution is custom-made for addressing specific requirements of banks who wish to reach out to remote places through agents without setting up a branch.

SMS Banking

This solution enables banks and FIs to use SMS as a medium to keep their end-customers constantly informed about the bank account balance, product information, and track all transactions executed through branches, checks, ATM withdrawals, digital transfers, POS payments, online payments, in a digital way.

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