We are seeking a creative and innovative AI-based designer to join our cutting-edge team. As an visualizer, you will play a pivotal role in leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the design process and deliver unique, data-driven solutions. The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of design principles, coupled with expertise in AI technologies, to create visually stunning and intelligent design outcomes.

Your Responsibilities

AI Integration:

  • Collaborate with the design and development teams to integrate AI technologies into the design process.
  • Explore and implement AI-driven design tools and techniques to enhance creativity and efficiency.

Generative Design:

  • Develop and implement generative design algorithms to create dynamic and adaptive design elements.
  • Experiment with AI-generated content to push the boundaries of traditional design.


  • Work closely with cross-functional teams, including illustrators, designers, and brand managers, to integrate AI seamlessly into the design workflow.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to understand project goals and incorporate AI recommendations.

Continuous Learning:

  • Stay abreast of the latest advancements in AI and design technologies.
  • Identify and implement innovative AI solutions to improve the overall design process

KSAOs Required to Succeed in this Role

AI and Machine Learning Skills:

  • Strong understanding of AI and machine learning principles.

Design Proficiency:

  • Solid foundation in graphic design principles, user experience (UX) design, and interaction design.

Innovative Thinking:

  • Ability to think creatively and strategically about how AI can elevate and transform design outcomes.

Communication Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills to convey complex AI concepts to other team members. Ability to guide and train team members on Ai technologies.


  • Strong problem-solving skills with the ability to address design challenges using AI solutions.
Education and Experience Requirements
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in design, fine arts, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in utilizing AI in the design process, with a portfolio showcasing AI-driven design projects.
Your Remuneration and Other Benefits
  • Attractive salary as per industry best practice.
  • Yearly salary review based on performance.
  • Training & Development Scopes.
  • Weekly 2 holidays.
  • 2 festival bonuses (Yearly).
  • Weekly medical consultancy.
  • Annual leave encashment.
  • Medical coverage.
  • Congenial & friendly working environment.

    December 27, 2023

Job Location
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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